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Pinehurst Home Builder

Huckabee Homes is an award winning Pinehurst home builder.

They have a history of building some of the areas finest homes.

Their focus is on quality.

A Lifetime of Experience

Huckabee Homes has built some of the finest new homes in Moore County, North Carolina. It is owned and operated by Lee Huckabee, who has experience in home building that is hard to match. Lee began to learn about building new homes as a teenager when he worked in a family building supply company. Since becoming a Pinehurst home builder he has gained experience that has made him one of the best home builders in Moore County.

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New Homes

We build custom designed new homes for a wide range of customers in Pinehurst, NC. Huckabee Homes is a licensed contractor in the state of North Carolina qualified to build any size home.

Room Additions

For families that don't want to leave their existing home but need more space, Huckabee Homes is the ideal room additions contractor. They will treat your home with care like it is their own.


Huckabee Homes has created a reputation of doing quality home remodeling work in Pinehurst, NC. You can bring your outdated home up to date. Just call Huckabee homes and see what they can do for you.

Our Work

Here is some of the work we have done.

This new home has two double garages.

New Two Story Home

This new Pinehurst home has a grand entrance.
A new two story Pinehurst home.

Back Windows

The back side is open with glass doors and windows.

Live in a Beautiful Community

Moore County, North Carolina, is noted for some of the finest new homes in the state. And Lee Huckabee’s company, Huckabee Homes builds some of the finest homes in Moore County. Huckabee Homes has built several homes in National Golf Club and Pinewild Country Club of Pinehurst. Both locations are noted for the high quality standards required to build homes within their gates. When Lee Huckabee presents his proposal to the home approval administrators, they know they will have no problem approving the plan, because Huckabee Homes only produces high quality custom homes.


Lee has been a Pinehurst home builder since 2001. Prior to that he had many years experience in the industry through building supply sales.

Huckabee Homes

Phone: 910-220-7121
Pinehurst, North Carolina