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Pinehurst Room Additions

Homes built today have emphasis on large bedrooms, great rooms and large garages. Many homes build twenty years ago were just not built large enough for families today. And they were designed with different priorities then those we have now. A remodeling project can include the addition of entire new rooms to your home.

Add a master bedroom

A room addition can transform you existing home into the one you have dreamed of. The addition of a master bedroom and a master bath can make your existing home feel like new. Today's master bedrooms have sitting areas overlooking their beautiful yard. The walk in closet is another feature of the master bedroom that has changed drastically in recent years. Many older homes lack the hot tub that so many new home owners put in their houses today.

Add a great room

As you family grows, so grows the need for more space. The great room is designed to accommodate many people in the same room. This is ideal for family and social events taking place in your home.

A new garage

Families today have more cars. And the garages of their current homes may not be large enough. The addition of a garage can include areas for storage both in and above the garage. You can put a finished room above your garage or just add an area for storage.


Remodeling plan for a Pinehurst home

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Lee has been a Pinehurst home builder since 2001. Prior to that he had many years experience in the industry through building supply sales.

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